Field Test, By Mike Moutray

I obtained a new RNB Innovations ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Batt Pack rechargeable battery for my Minelab Explorer (they work in the E-Trac and Safari as well).

I got it just in time to try out on my week long road trip last week. I must say I was quite impressed with how long it held a charge! I put it through some rigorous testing.... I charged it for 2 hours before the beginning of my trip, and came home 1 week later with nearly 30 hours hunt time on it and it still shows about 3/4 charge on my meter.

I did not go easy on it either! I hunted for most of that 30 hours in very trashy parks and beaches and in cold weather.... 2 things that kill battery life of a lesser battery. I left my detector in the back of my truck during a few nights when the overnight temp dipped well into the low to mid 30's and it came to life with a full charge each time I started hunting in the morning. NMh rechargeables would always seemed to lose their charge partially when they got real cold.

It sure was nice not having to carry a couple extra battery packs with me each time I was out hunting - especially on the beach when I walked 3-4 miles away from my truck. Car charger works great, and the coax plug is larger in size to prevent accidental charging with a NMh charger which isn't recommended.

All thumbs up for this great battery!!! Take care and HH,

Mike Moutray

My first impressions and field test on the ML-2900 Batt Pack

By Bryce-IL

GOOD ...because this dang thing hasn't dropped a bar lower even after 7 hours of solid hunting!

I think this could end up being one of the best assets to Explorer/E-Trac users in many years.

The following is a true statement and my friend Dave will verify it.

The last time we hunted I had 3 fully charged (I thought) Explorer batteries in my car as well as the AA pack...and of course the one in my SE.

Well...15 minutes into the hunt my SE crapped out with a dead battery.

No problem right??...Wrong!

I went back to the car and tried all 3 batteries...and they were all at zero charge because they had been in the back of my car for weeks..

I then turned to the AA pack to save me...but remembered I had taken 2 out to use in a flashlight at home.

I would have been screwed if Dave wouldn't have found 2 loose AA's under his truck seat...and that is the truth.

We were many miles away from any convenience or any other type of store...and I only had 1 1/2 hours to hunt...so I would have just had to go home "huntless".

I have been told that this new ML-2900 Battery Pack from RNB Innovations will hold a charge for a looooooong time which would save a person from what happened to me.

I've also been told that I can expect to get between 25 to 30 hours of use before a recharge is needed.

At this point I don't know...but I aim to find out...and I'll keep you all posted with any results as they come about.

Right now as I stated...right at 7 hours of use this weekend and it still shows full power!...so I'm more than pleased.

I'll keep everyone posted.....


ML-2900 Batt Pack & Charger

ML-2900 Batt Pack & Charger

Got it today , another quick delivery thanks Joe. I used the rechargeable battery in my SE for a 4hr. hunt last night and the battery gauge is still black to the top .Of course I expected that but to actually see it happen is really nice . It's also going to be really nice not having to have to worry about re-charging so much

dirt doctor


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