ML-2900 Battery Pack



All I know is that battery kicks major ass. I would say without a doubt that battery system is the best money that I have spent on this hobby. As far as better signals go, I would say that I believe so, As far as making my E trac a more capable machine (absolutely without a doubt). This is all based on my own personal experience with my E trac with stock battery pack,8 cell AA pack and the new ML-2900 battery back. And there is no comparison.
Thank you. Happy Hunting.






ML-2900 Battery Pack


 I received my new ML-2900 on Friday 3/22/13 . Plugged it up and was fully charged in an hour and 35 minutes. Dropped it in my Etrac yesterday morning and hunted all day with the back light on. Noticed when I shut it down at dark that I still had 3 bars. If I had been using my factory batteries, I would have been well into my second pack. So there's no doubt the ML-2900 will outlast anything else. And something else I noticed - it seems the higher voltage causes the signals to hit harder. Found a 1891 Indian Head at 8 inches and it sounded like 4 inches with my factory battery pack. With the ML-2900, there's no way I could have walked past that Indian. I am seriously considering buying a spare ML-2900 just in case mine gets stolen! I will never use a different battery in my Etrac, never.

Thanks RNB Innovations for a great product!


Mike Gresham


ML-2900 Battery Pack


Well i tried out the pack today. I decided to do some dry/wet sand hunting just to see how well my new prize worked. I'm impressed... i mean impressed. I'm normally the first guy to complain about products we have to pay to much for or don't work as promised.
 I like this battery. The normal ML battery pack fully charged is 11.55 V. These start out at around 12.60 V...... after 4 hours of max use it reads 12.23. That's still more volts than the ML rechargeable fully charged.

I was hunting today just above AM, 25 manual sensitivity, Gain 9, and used the PP a good bit..... i didn't spare the juice. I felt confident i was getting good depth during the entire hunt .... not just the first hour or so. Makes you feel like you just put in some fresh AAs. For those using the Explorer or ET..... this is an upgrade we all needed. I hope RNB does it for other machines because most of the rechargeables I've used were one step above worthless. I may let it set a couple of days now not on a charger and see if we get any discharge.... then off to the beach again. I do a ton of detecting year round here in Fl as do a lot of guys down here. I'm more of a water guy now, but with our detecting season it will still get a good work out. I also want to use it to get it drained down to see how long it takes to charge on the car charger.

Anyone that gets one of these is going to say how did I ever do it with the other rechargeable. They are a real step up!




RNB ML-2900 Battery System


I was so impressed with my first order that I bought a second pack. Somewhere I saw it written that the pack weighs a little over 10 ounces. That may be with the box and charger (shipping container) but I weighed mine without all the packing and it weighs in at a paltry 6.23 oz. And btw, I have over 45 hours on my initial charge, I don't hunt every day, and when I do, it's only 2 to 3 hours at a time. When I'm not hunting, my detector is sitting in a cold truck out in the garage. And it still has not dropped voltage. A friend of mine bought a CTX and unfortunately had to send it back, so he had no machine to hunt with, I loaned him my EX XS II. So I got the minelab NmHi pack and the RNB pack out of their respective machines and figured I'd charge both before we went out on a 6 hour hunt. I charged the Nmhi pack for 18 hours, and when I put the RNB pack on its charger, I got a green light, so I checked the voltage and it read 12.5 volts:clapping:. When we got to the park that we were going to hunt, 1/2 hour after hunting, the minelab rechargeable dropped 1 bar, and after 6 hours non stop hunting, it died on my friend, while mine was still going strong. So I told my friend that, that would never happen to him again with one of my machines, that's why
I bought a second pack. Sure is nice walking through Sam's Club and not having the battery display attack me as I walk





RNB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900


Safari is now stowed in the basement in my computer room over winter, but with all these weird warm weather days maybe that's a thing of the past... I removed the battery pack as I always do for storage.. They still read 85% after being used since they arrived and were charged fully.

Simply said this battery pack seems to be a must have. You can save your change for coffee instead of batteries... Great deal...






Having now used the new ML-2900 battery packs over the last month I'd just like to pass on my appreciation of the quality product they have turned to be. They last for ages between recharges and I've had absolutely no issues with them, and as these packs largely run at four bars the ETracs never performed better.

Many thanks to you and your company for developing these battery packs.

Kind Regards,





My take on the New ML-2900 Battery for the Explorer

 This is a product for my Beloved Explorer I feel I can post this here so..

The best and honest thing I can say is its "Simply Amazing!!" I usually don't get to put in any "All day hunts" but rather will usually be at best an hour here or there. This weekend I managed a 4 hour hunt and came home with the Battery meter still at Full Charge!! Now I know that your thinking No big deal but for me I was used to seeing my battery meter had dropped one bar with that much time in. It sure is nice to not even think about charging that battery for a while. It does the only two things a battery need to do and it does them Extremely well!! It lasts long and charges quick!! There isn't anything more to ask of a battery!! I Was into "Anything RC" for quite a while and when I was using an Electric Plane, or Car, or Boat I always used the Lipo battery. The Lipo's and the Lithium Ion batteries are leaps and bounds ahead of the Nimh's. Nimhs used to be the best but not any more. How many cell phones have the Lithium Ion in them? ALL of THEM!!

Great battery!! Great warranty!! Fast Shipping!!


Jeff in PA

Re: My take on the New battery for the Explorer!


I got about 12 hours of trashy hunting in on my new battery so far and it still say its fully charged. I love this battery well worth the cash!!!




RNB Innovations Lithium-lon ML 2900 rechargeable batteries...


My wife & I each purchased ML-2900 batteries a short time ago and they are GREAT!----On top of the excellent running time you get out of them, they are VERY well made/constructed & have a good warranty on them (one year) in the unlikely case it is ever needed.------It is sooo nice not to have to charge batteries anymore every time you "turn around".-----IMHO, they are worth every penny of the purchase price.

:thumbup:----Thanks Joe for a wonderful product.--------------Del


  Field Test - RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900 !!! :thumbup:


 I obtained a new RNB Innovations Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for my Minelab Explorer (they work in the E-Trac and Safari as well).

I got it just in time to try out on my week long road trip last week. I must say I was quite impressed with how long it held a charge! I put it through some rigorous testing.... I charged it for 2 hours before the beginning of my trip, and came home 1 week later with nearly 30 hours hunt time on it and it still shows about 3/4 charge on my meter.

I did not go easy on it either! I hunted for most of that 30 hours in very trashy parks and beaches and in cold weather.... 2 things that kill battery life of a lesser battery. I left my detector in the back of my truck during a few nights when the overnight temp dipped well into the low to mid 30's and it came to life with a full charge each time I started hunting in the morning. NMh rechargeables would always seemed to lose their charge partially when they got real cold.

It sure was nice not having to carry a couple extra battery packs with me each time I was out hunting - especially on the beach when I walked 3-4 miles away from my truck. Car charger works great, and the coax plug is larger in size to prevent accidental charging with a NMh charger which isn't recommended.

All thumbs up for this great battery!!! Take care and HH,

Mike Moutray


Re: Field Test - RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900 !!! :thumbup:

Totally concur with the above findings. I've had mine in the back of my truck and its gotten cold every night, yet the machine shows n real impact unlike alkalines. The units at a 100% after almost two weeks of intermittant short use, I still use the speakers mostly so there's a lot of juice going there alone. I will report back but with winter coming on hunts will be shorter and eventually stop for the season here.

I think this is agreat buy and ML engineering uses lithium in the CTX...



Re: Field Test - RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900 !!! :thumbup:


I've hunted with mine since receiving and charging them a few weeks ago and after about 20 hours of hunting I am still reading 100% battery. Very pleased with my purchase, a great investment that will save lots of money in the long run.


RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900

I like mine also, alot lighter than alkalines and still says 100% after 15 hours of use!!!...............



Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900

I've been hunting a lot lately trying to get you guys (and gals) the answer of exactly how many hours can you hunt with the new RNB Innovations battery before it dies? I got my answer today after my machine finally died. Anyone want to take a guess on how many hours I got out of it?

The answer is just minutes short of 30 hours after the first charge. This is with real hunting and using the sunray probe. Before I started this test, Joe told me that I should get even more time out of it after a few charges as it gets the battery working better. I'll see about that. Either way, 30 hours in the field is REALLY impressive.

I hope this helps some of you in your purchase decision.




Looks like a good deal and a one year guarantee . I ordered one . My present rechargeables are not lasting as long as they used to . I like the idea of the longer power life without having to worry about recharging as much and the fact they are a bit lighter in weight is nice too .
Thanks for posting the link Marc and welcome as a new sponsor RNB Innovations .:thumbup:

dirt doctor


RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion



avatar   At 8 hours it finally dropped a bar. Looks like this RNB Minelab E-Trac battery is gonna be a winner!!




Bart Davis
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ML-2900 !!! :thumbup:


I live in California ( it was mailed from Bakersfield) so naturally the the farther away you live it's bound to take a little longer . It was sent USPS priority mail , snugly packaged in a 10 1/2"x 3 1/4" x 2 1/8" white box /carton ( easy to sneak by the wife if she's not as understanding as mine). It's very noticeably lighter than the stock rechargeable . I'm thinking the lightness will help a bit in counteracting the weight of the Sunray X-1 inline I use . I put in my Explorer SE just for ha , ha's and the battery meter said full charge ( interesting ) . I then plugged it in at 12: 45 and the red light went on . I like the red on black not only because it's very visible on my cluttered up desk but it matches my digging gloves :lol: I'm thinking I'm going to order the car charger as well as it could come in handy on a trip or in case of a very inconvenient long power outage . Well , that's my 2 zincs worth .

H H ,


Just ordered the new Lithium Ion Battery


I really like the idea of not having to put a battery on the charger after every hunt and the fact that they hold their charge for such a long time.

Looks like I will be selling my new 1600 I have.


  Got it today , another quick delivery thanks Joe. I used the rechargeable battery in my SE for a 4hr. hunt last night and the battery gauge is still black to the top .Of course I expected that but to actually see it happen is really nice . It's also going to be really nice not having to have to worry about re-charging so much .

dirt doctor



Mine arrived Friday, charged up fully in less than an hour, used it yesterday for 5 hours and it is still reading full battery strength on the Safari. So far I am very pleased.






I just want to say thank you to RNB-Innovations for the service and quality of the product that they are introducing for the Minelab machines.
It is FANTABULAS, I used today and after 8 hrs of hunt only one bar of the life meter was used up.
and the price? what can I say IT'S GREAT!



My first impressions of the new RNB Innovations ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Explorer/E-Trac battery.....Nov.4/12


GOOD ...because this dang thing hasn't dropped a bar lower even after 7 hours of solid hunting!:thumbup:

I think this could end up being one of the best assets to Explorer/E-Trac users in many years.

The following is a true statement and my friend Dave will verify it.

The last time we hunted I had 3 fully charged (I thought) Explorer batteries in my car as well as the AA pack...and of course the one in my SE.

Well...15 minutes into the hunt my SE crapped out with a dead battery.:rolleyes:

No problem right??...Wrong!

I went back to the car and tried all 3 batteries...and they were all at zero charge because they had been in the back of my car for weeks..:shrug:

I then turned to the AA pack to save me...but remembered I had taken 2 out to use in a flashlight at home.:confused:

I would have been screwed if Dave wouldn't have found 2 loose AA's under his truck seat...and that is the truth.

We were many miles away from any convenience or any other type of store...and I only had 1 1/2 hours to hunt...so I would have just had to go home "huntless".

I have been told that this new ML-2900 Battery Pack from RB Innovations will hold a charge for a looooooong time which would save a person from what happened to me.

I've also been told that I can expect to get between 25 to 30 hours of use before a recharge is needed.:surprised:

At this point I don't know...but I aim to find out...and I'll keep you all posted with any results as they come about.

Right now as I stated...right at 7 hours of use this weekend and it still shows full power!...so I'm more than pleased.:beers:

I'll keep everyone posted.....




Re: Field Test - RB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900 !!! :thumbup:

I have one and go out every day......they just seem to go on and on.....had it two weeks......first charge ...when it arrived.....second charge after about 22 hours(was on three bars)...and it is still going!




Re: My first impressions of the new RNB Innovations ML-2900 Lithium-Ion Explorer/E-Trac battery.....


Just bought 2 of the rb innovation batteries this week. I had some issue with my paypal account and Joe from RB innovations took the time to call paypal and fixed my issue. I would do business with this company again tgey were very helpful plus I paid no taxes my purchase. Great deal he shipped it out 30 min. after payment was made. Thanks Joe for the help can't wait to try them out.





Just bought one and so far....


I am really happy with the ML2900. Call it crazy but I too felt that when my batteries were getting low that my XS just didn't perform as well. I bought this new battery, charged it up and used it on Friday and Sunday for about 13 hours of hunting and the indicator hasn't budged off full. In fact, I kept looking at it expecting it to be weakening, as I figured no way this thing can be that good, but it didn't flinch. I'll give it another shot on Wednesday if the weather holds and see how that goes, but so far, I like what I have seen.




RNB Innovations Lithium Battery


I know what I want for Xmas. Very impressive that is at least a wks worth of hunting for me!




"30 hours in the field is REALLY impressive" Very impressive indeed.





RNB Innovations new Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ML-2900


I've had mine for a couple weeks and haven't had to recharge it yet, after the initial charge when I first got it, and I have about 30 hours on mine. Still showing full charge on etrac, I loaned my Explorer II to a friend with the Nimh battery pack (fully charged) and it died on him in 6 hours of hunting with me, temps were in the 50's. I left my etrac in the back of my truck also for a few nights in the garage, and a couple nights the temps went down to the mid 20's, next morning I went and took the pack out of my machine and checked the voltage and it showed a little over 12 volts yet. So I didn't charge it yet. Think I am going to get another pack and sell off the 4 packs I have for my explorer and etrac...



Well you finally drained your RNB battery because I was there with you after....


29 hours and probably 30 odd minutes or so?
I do believe I'll be getting one soon buddy!




I agree with all of the positive feedback above. I've had mine for several weeks and am very well pleased.



Another big bonus that I didn't see mentioned above is the loss of 4+ oz's of excess weight that I don't have to swing back and forth. (10.47 oz vs 14.72 oz)

Longer, Stronger Life, Less Weight. A couple of the reasons that I bought one.

Rich (Utah)


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