I have been using the AW-2200 battery for six months in my V3I and love it. Sure it's expensive but who cares. It's like buying a 4000 dollar bicycle and then complaining about how expensive the spd shoes are for your clip less pedals. If I have one complaint about my V3I it was the Nimh battery. I can't even think of an electronic device that wasn't built in the 90's that runs on Nimh. Who wants a battery that begins to discharge the second you take it out of the charger. The orange Nimh would only run for a couple of hours and even less with the tx boost on. I relic hunt and sometimes have to hike miles to get to my sites and didn't want to carry multiple batteries on top of all my other equipment and water. I also appreciate that it knocks off almost a half pound off of my detector. The AW-2200 is a great battery for a detector that frankly, is a bit of a battery hog.

I got one of the prototype batteries many months ago for my MXT PRO and am quite impressed. It out lasts Duracells by weeks per charge! It is really amazing how it just keeps on going and ....well you know. The finished product looks way cool too guys!
What about one of these LI battery pack for my Minelab?






      UK Distribution for our New ML-2900

I cant believe it! This RNB battery pack just goes on and on.
Full bar indication after more then 3 weeks detecting.
Not everyday but must have a 40 hour now.

When will jump down a bar ,and how long will it

Absolutely the best md investment you can do.
Great,just great..


      UK Distribution for our New ML-2900

I had a club dig today so gave the new battery a go on my etrac, it had about 7 hours use and never lost even 1 bar of the battery meter, where my 1800 mah would have only have had 1 bar left, so thumbs up from me

  minelab matt

UK Distribution for our New ML-2900

99 posted recorded delivery. mine came next day as do most.
worth every penny mines got 12 hours on and still full.


     UK Distribution for our New ML-2900

Took my ET out with the new battery , works fine. Used 1p of energy and found 27.37p , a Silver ring and a 1 ounce fine Silver 2008 commemorative 2 Pound ( Britannia on the reverse) . What the hell that was doing on the beach i don't know ?

Nuke em


RNB Batteries now at our first dealer in the UK.

On a separate note after 31 hours of use my RNB battery pack has finally lost a notch on the ET screen , i may keep going for Sunday's search but then will have to recharge by which time i think 37 hours and around 200 found on one charge. WOW

Gold Finger


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